2023 Special Guests

Hi Pony Friends!!  We would like to welcome and introduce you to our special guest:
Bonnie Zacherle

Introducing our guest of honor Bonnie Zacherle. Bonnie is an illustrator and toy designer. She was a freelancer for Hasbro in the mid 1970's and then was offered a full time position in 1980. She is best known for creating the My Pretty (Little) Pony, Nerfuls and the redesign of Mr Potato Head in the 1980s.

She went on to work for Parker Brothers for several years and then opened a studio in Massachusetts. She now resides in Virginia where she teaches art and gives presentations to promote her book, My Lil Pony Tale.

*Snack time luncheon with Bonnie, is scheduled on Saturday with limited availability. Please join the waitlist on ticket tailor if interested!

Introducing our second guest speaker: Rodrigo of @trujillocollectorstore!
Rodrigo will take us back in time and share the history of the production process of the G1 Mi Pequeño Pony line that was made by Top Toys! We are looking forward to seeing what Rodrigo brings and shares with the MLP community