Convention-Exclusive Pony Design Contest

It is our pleasure to announce an exciting and dear-to-our hearts project, the
Pony Friends Forever Design Contest!

As pony collectors, I think many of us have always dreamed of making our very own pony.  We at Pony Friends Forever were over the moon to have the opportunity to create the sun/moon twins.  Now, Pony Friends Forever would like to help another collector’s dream come true.

Pony Friends Forever is holding a design contest, and the lucky winner will get to have their design turned into an HQG1C pony!

Tradewinds, the mascot of the Pony Friends Forever Convention, is on a journey for new friends.  Can you help design her new Forever Friend, so they can celebrate together at the 2021 Pony Friends Forever Convention?

The full rules will be posted HERE, but here are the highlights:

----- To enter, you have to design a pony!  Your entry must include a custom version of your pony and a story about how your pony meets Tradewinds.

-- You don’t have to make the custom yourself, this is a design contest, not a custom contest.  However, please make sure that your pony is your own original work, and that you own all rights to it.

----- Send us an email HERE to sign up.  If you plan on entering, it is a good idea to sign up early, as entries will be capped at 50.  You are also required to send us an email when it is time to ship us your entry. All entries must be received by October 15th, 2020.

----- Anyone can enter, regardless of where you live or whether you plan on attending the Pony Friends Forever Convention.  Entries will be mailed in.

-- Community is a core focus of the Pony Friends Forever Convention, and we want to include as much of the community as possible!

----- Entries will NOT be returned, but they will become an important part of the Pony Friends Forever Convention, and may be displayed at future conventions.

----- The vote for the winner will be held at the Pony Friends Forever Convention.  Each attendee will receive one voting ballot.

----- When designing your pony, please look at the official rules, but a good rule of thumb is to look at the HQG1C ponies.

-- Using an HQG1C base for your custom is not required, but it is a great way to keep within the parameters of the competition.  For instance, HQG1C has made sparkle ponies, which means you are free to design a sparkle pony.  However, twinkle-eyed ponies, which have not been made by HQG1C, are not a possibility at this time.  Most HQG1C ponies can be viewed at

We know there are very talented, creative people in this community.  We look forward to seeing your entries, and making someone’s pony dream come true!